Currently watching and catching up to date with Haikyuu!! and Tsukishima's bad personality.

Titan eren is still the bae.

I really don't think you know

how many nights I've spent,

crying for Minagawa's reuturn

This updates feature is kind of fun and ironic because nothing exciting ever happens in my life yo swag yolo ayyyy i don't even think someone's going to read this crap like wow if ur reading this ily you've wasted like 1 minute of your time reading me. Tru friends now give me your skype and let's talk bc rEALLY why are u still reading this.


why did araki make rohan at the louvre why not kira at the louvre? the whole story would just be kira walking into the louvre, seeing mona lisa, and popping a boner. it would just be that and i would buy 10 copies

I’ve murdered half the town
left you love notes on their headstones
I’ll fill the graveyards until I have you.

the people at Subway know my face already



the best feeling about being an adult is that no one can stop me if i want to buy 10 cookies at Subway


Fullmetal Alchemist Unabridged Edition Volume 1-18

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we  need to talk buddy„„„„„,ur  way too cute„„„„„,tone it down a bit„„„„„,im tryna sleep but ur cute ness is keeping me awake


落書き過程GIFにしてみた 画質悪いです


all that pink

people who haven't read the tokyo ghoul manga:
i hate tsukiyama shuu he's trash and tried to eat kaneki
people who have read the tokyo ghoul manga:


苺野めりー★壁博4 エ29b  [-permission was given by the artist-]
~please don't remove the source~

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